HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition Welcomes Your Particioation~

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                  Envision Your Future!

The HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition is coming now! The detailed informaiton is elaborated in the handbook  below, welcom your participation~


HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition Handbook


Beijing, China

May 2020

I. Introduction to the Competition

The HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Submit and Entrepreneurship Competition was created with entrepreneurs in mind. Our theme is “Envision Your Future”. We aim to find high-quality projects globally and assist our winners to settle and to develop rapidly. The competition has 100 winning spots, with a total sum of RMB 80 million in cash prizes, as well as RMB 1 billion in investment funds. The winning projects will be provided tens of thousands of RMB in direct investment funds.

The competition will invite top investors, well-known mentors, and leading entrepreneurs to provide full-scale entrepreneurial counseling and assistance for the participating projects, creating a multi-level, multi-dimensional, and diversified international entrepreneurship model. Our “Beijing Service” package will help the winners settle down in Beijing to empower the entrepreneurs in Beijing in the best possible way.

II. Organizational Structure

1.Event Organizer

Beijing Hycore Innovation Co., Ltd.

2.Strategic Partners

Alibaba Cloud, MiraclePlus, Sequoia Capital


Baidu Inc., Xiaomi Corporation, ByteDance, HillHouse Capital, IDG Capital, Northern Light Venture Capital, FESCO, FuWah International Group

4. Supporters

Beijing Stock Exchange Trading Center, Peking University Alumni Association, Tsinghua University Alumni Association, TusStar, Zhihu, Maimai, Microsoft Accelerator, Plug and Play, Founders Space, PKU Entrepreneur’s Training Camp, City of Angels Camp, Brinc, Dark Horse, CYZone, Slush China, Hanhai Holding, Z-Innoway ,Baidu AI accelerator, WeiyangX, Techcode, Tsinghua Alumni CIE Competition

III. Competition Regions and Areas

North America:

Toronto, Canada

San Francisco, United States


London, United Kingdom

Berlin, Germany



Tokyo, Japan


Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen


IV. Competition Tracks and Groups

The competition is mainly aimed at entrepreneurial projects in the field of science and technology. The tracks are set to the following six industrial areas: Artificial Intelligence/Big Data/Financial Technology; Medicine and Health; New-generation Information Technology; New Energy/New Materials/Smart Equipment; Cultural Creativity; and Other categories.

Each track is divided into two groups: A Maker Group and a Growth Group.

Maker Group: For entries that have not been registered in Beijing at the time of registration.

Growth Group: For entries that have been registered in Beijing at the time of registration.

V. Entry Requirements

Entries can be declared in the name of individuals or teams. Individuals and team members participating in the project should have obtained an educational degree overseas, or have studied, worked, or started a business overseas for more than 1 year, while having returned to China for no more than 10 years. Only one project per individual/team can take part in the competition.

In addition, depending on the different groups, the following conditions must also be met:

Maker Group Project:

The participants should be willing to start a business in Beijing and promise to land the project in Beijing in the form of a company within 1 year of receiving the award. If the project is declared in the name of an individual, that individual should be the main founder of the landing company and the largest natural person shareholder, holding no less than 30% of shares. For a project declared in the name of a team, the team can have no more than 5 individuals, and the team’s equity should account for no less than 50% of the total equity of the landing company.

Growth Group Project:

The company must have been established less than 10 years ago. If the project is declared in the name of an individual, that individual should be the company’s main founder and the first natural person shareholder, holding no less than 30% of shares. For a project declared in the name of a team, the team can have no more than 5 individuals, and the team should hold no less than 50% of the company's total equity.

VI. Awards

1. Project Prizes


Prize Redemption:

1). The winning projects of the Maker Group shall set up a company in Beijing within one year after the competition and submit an application for the prize, which will be cashed after our review and confirmation.

2). The winning projects of the Growth Group may cash out the prizes after the end of the competition.

2. Talent Scout Prize

The "Talent Scout Prize" is awarded to an individual who recommends a Maker Group project that has accumulatively won RMB 1 million or more in the competition, or an individual who makes outstanding contributions in the process of event organization and co-organization.

The "Talent Scout Prize" has 20 recipients, and each winner is awarded RMB 500,000.

 VII. Competition Procedures

The competition is divided into five stages: registration, screening, preliminary, semi-final, and final. The Organizing Committee of the competition will send notices and release information to the contestants through email and official website messages.

The specific arrangements for each stage of the event are as follows:


1. Registration

Method: Visit the official website of the Competition (www.hicool.com) to register.

Time: 15 May — 15 July 2020

2. Screening

Time: 16 July — 19 July 2020 (planned)

Results Announcement: The Competition Organizing Committee will select 400 projects to enter the preliminary round and notify the finalists by 20 July 2020.

3. Preliminary

Time: 25 July — 20 August 2020 (planned)

Competition Venues Abroad: San Francisco, Toronto, London, Berlin, Singapore, and Tokyo

Competition Venues in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong

Competition Format: Domestic competitions use an offline road show method, and foreign competitions use an online/offline road show method (depending on the development of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the location of the competition).

Competition Rules: The competitions in Beijing will be organized in the sub-track mode, while other venues around the world will use the mixed-track mode.

4. Semi-Final

Time: 10 September 2020 (planned)

Venue: Beijing, China

Competition Format: Offline Road Show (may be adjusted based on the development of the COVID-19 Pandemic)

About Travel Expenses Subsidies:

Maker Group Project: The Organizing Committee will cover the accommodation cost of no more than 3 nights during the competition in Beijing, and provide transportation subsidies. The transportation subsidy for Maker Group participants in Europe and the United States is RMB 7000 per person. The transportation subsidy for Maker Group participants in the Asia-Pacific region is RMB 4,000 per person. The maximum transportation subsidy for participants from Chinese cities outside Beijing is RMB 2,000 per person. The reimbursement is based on the actual amount incurred and is limited to one person per project.

Growth Group Project: The organizing committee does not pay for travel and accommodation.

5. Final

Time: 11 September 2020 (planned)

Venue: Beijing, China

Competition Format: Offline Road Show (may be adjusted according to the development of the COVID-19 Pandemic)

During the competition in Beijing, the Organizing Committee will arrange for participants to visit Beijing's innovation and entrepreneurship sites, and to get acquainted with the administrative districts, entrepreneurial parks, investment institutions, and industry leaders of Beijing. After the competition, they will also assist the shortlisted projects to expand in the Chinese market, building a communication platform for resource docking.

6. Thorough Investigation

The selection of the global competition is based on the principles of "fairness, justice, and openness". The Organizing Committee will issue an investigation notice for each project in the final round and conduct legal investigations on the projects. Unsuccessful projects will be revoked. The Committee is responsible for keeping all project information confidential.

The investigation includes but is not limited to: corporate background, shareholding structure, affiliated companies, subject information, fixed assets, intellectual property rights, business status, financial status, industry awareness, and team and other information.


VIII. Please Note:

  1. This competition does not charge any fees from participants.
  2. Contestants shall not violate the regulations of the competition. The entrepreneurial project and the relevant materials submitted shall not be illegal in any way, such as plagiarism, embezzlement, etc. Should such illegal practices be found, the transgressing project shall be disqualified from the competition or the bonus will be revoked. If the competition involves intellectual property disputes, all responsibility shall be borne by the participants themselves.
  3. Participants take part in this competition on a voluntary basis. If participants have any questions or objections regarding the competition, they may contact the Office of the Competition Organizing Committee or choose to withdraw from the competition. However, participants have no right to request that changes be made to the competition rules or compensation for any expenses incurred due to participation.
  4. Competing projects and their materials will be accessible to the Competition Organizing Committee and our judges and experts.
  5. If affects the normal course of the competition, the organizer has the right to adjust the schedule or the format of the competition accordingly.
  6. The Competition Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the competition, as well as the right to interpret them.
  7. Unsettled matters will be resolved in the future.

IX. Contact Information of the Competition Organizing Committee

HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition Official Website:


Official WeChat of the Competition Organizing Committee:

HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit (HICOOL全球创业者峰会)

HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition Organizing Committee Contact Information:

Address: 9th Floor, Haigao Tower, Shunyi District, Beijing, China

TEL: +86-(0)10-8046-1951                                           

Email: contact@hicool.com

      Welcome qualified alumni to sign up! Please submit your personal information and registration information to the email ucasaa@ucas.ac.cn after successful registration for  school recording. If necessary, the school will provide corresponding support and help.