Science and Applications of Solid-state/Organi

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  • 日期:2010-05-19
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内容摘要:The integration of “hard” (metals and semiconductors) and “soft” (organic and biological) materials is an intellectual frontier that promises exciting new science as well as intriguing possibilities of applications. In this lecture, I will review some of the significant challenges facing this research field and the approaches taken to overcome the obstacles. I will then describe several examples of research in novel hard/soft hybrid nanostructures, including:
  1) nanoscale solid-state magnetic and electric sensors for? biomolecular detection;
  2) molecular-template directed assembly of carbon nanotube FETs;
  3) controlled translocation and activation of biomolecular motors.

I will use these examples to illustrate how the incorporation of organic monolayers in solid-state structures could lead to new electronic functionalities, and conversely, how solid-state nano devices can be used effectively to probe biological processes inaccessible previously.
简介: 1982至1987年就读于中国科技大学。
   1987-1989年,Brown 大学物理硕士,
   1989-1993年,Brown 大学物理博士,
   1993-1997年,University of California, San Diego博士后,
   1997-2004年,Florida State University助教授,
   2004-2007年,Florida State University副教授
   2007-至今,Florida State University教授。

  ※ 低维超导系统的量子相变;?
  ※ 超导和磁性纳米结构的电磁性质;
  ※ 自旋电子和自旋输运性质,纳米尺度的磁性;?
  ※ 纳米尺度的生物-力学系统;
  ※ 固态/有机杂化纳米结构的制造和电子特性,分子电子学和分子自旋学。

荣获:2004年PAI award for Excellence in Research and Teaching和2007年“Developing Scholar” award(Florida State University)。